The Aliens Have Left Us

By John McDonnell

Sometimes I look at the sky at night
And wonder if aliens ever took flight,
And traveled across the billion miles
And came to stay with us awhile.

It’s certainly seems to be the case.
They could have observed the human race;
And maybe joined us for a time
To probe the secrets of our minds.

They may have thought to colonize
This Earth before we realize
What’s happening, to enslave
And work us to our grave.

But I suspect that once they saw
Our stubborn nature and our flaws,
They made a beeline back to home,
And vowed never this way to roam.

How could they make slaves of us,
When they couldn’t even trust
That we’d have the same opinion,
Or do most anything in unison?

The fact is we’re a crazy lot,
We scheme and bicker, fight and plot.
We never follow logic’s rules,
Or much of what we learned in school

I’m sure the aliens would despair
And want to wash us from their hair;
They sped away, that’s what I mean,
And put us under quarantine.

They’ve left our little neighborhood,
They’ve spread the word that we’re no good.
“Stay away, it’s just not worth
The stress of visiting Planet Earth.”


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