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Eternal Hope

April 27, 2009

I have books, many books, on how to get rich.
I have books on time management.
On interpreting my dreams.
On esoteric Oriental philosophies.
A whole bunch on how to be happy.
A few on self-hypnosis.
A smattering on religion.
A hodgepodge on visualization, yoga, law of attraction,
and other such topics.
When I was a kid I read a lot of comic books.
I was fascinated by the advertisements in the back
promising a well-muscled physique
if you just sent in your money
to Mr. Charles Atlas,
who once was a 98 pound weakling
like me.
One day I sent in my money,
waited desperately for the exercise plan to come
and tore the package open with shaking fingers
when it arrived.
I dutifully read the books,
practiced the exercises,
checked myself daily in the mirror;
and gained an inch or two in my biceps,
and another inch in my chest.
Sometimes I wonder what ever became of those books;
that patented exercise program
that made he-men out of skinny boys.
Maybe if I found it, and tried it again,
but this time tried really hard,
maybe I could still have that powerful physique.
It’s out there, waiting for me, like when I look up at the big grinning moon
on a clear night,
and it almost seems close enough to touch.
Maybe I followed the formulas wrong.
Subtracted when I should have added.
That’s it, I must have made an error;
the mistake was mine.
I’ll try again;
this time will be different.
I just need to buy another book.